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How is a Conversion Rate Expert Different Than Other Online Marketing Pros?

conversion rate expert


A conversion rate expert is someone who specialises in finding ways to boost online sales, increase profits, and drive down customer acquisition costs.  Although exceedingly rare due to their specialised skill sets, genuine conversion rate optimisation experts can literally help increase website sales by up to 100% or more in just a few weeks.  But yes, we know:  That sounds exactly like what every other online marketing expert has ever said, right?  So just what makes a conversion rate expert any different than all of the other SEO, PPC, SMM, or varying Internet Marketing “pros” you may have hired in the past to boost online sales?  Well, this special breed of online marketing expert is different than other Internet Marketing professionals in 4 ways:

1. Conversion Rate Experts Are Exclusively Focused Upon Increasing Conversions

When you hire an SEO expert, you aren’t hiring them to increase online sales—you are hiring them to drive more traffic and you just HOPE that the extra visitors lead to more conversions.  The same is true of PPC and even social media marketing experts.  And website designers may know how to create a functional and great looking site, but they have no training or idea how to design a website for maximum conversions.

But a genuine conversion rate expert is 100% laser-focused on increasing website conversions, be they direct sales, qualified leads, or both.  In fact, many website optimisation companies determine their fees based upon the increase in online sales generated from their services.  This means that conversion rate experts have a far greater incentive and focus when it comes to actually increasing your website sales than any SEO, SMM, or PPC expert.  Generating traffic only costs you money while converting that traffic into customers actually makes you money and that is the one and only thing that a conversion rate optimisation expert is focused upon—which would you rather hire?

2. A Conversion Rate Expert Doesn’t Build Websites, He or She Fixes Them

Make no mistake:  Completely replacing an existing website because it is not converting is a very expensive and often unnecessary task.  Not only can this kill SEO rankings and destroy loads of effort, complete website revamps also require rewriting, designing, and coding sales tools and content that already worked just to throw out the tools that didn’t.

But a conversion rate expert provides maximum return on investment (ROI) for your online business by working on existing websites to boost online sales while:

  • Maintaining or Enhancing On-Site SEO
  • Minimising Redesign and Rewriting Costs by Only Fixing What Isn’t Working
  • Working with Existing Shopping Carts, CMS, and Web Design Platforms Where Possible

Why replace your existing website at great expense in time and money when a conversion rate expert can work within your current systems to boost online conversions much faster?  Many poor converting websites actually have a solid SEO foundation and that traffic, while not generating online sales now, has significant value especially when calculated over the course of a year.  If a website optimisation expert can both preserve your current SEO traffic and increase conversion rate to a consistent and profitable level, it’s a win-win with a far higher ROI for you than starting over from scratch.

A Conversion Rate Expert Must Be Proficient in Website Traffic Analysis

Fixing conversion rate problems on existing sites is a very time-sensitive issue because you are essentially testing and optimising using live traffic which, one way or the other, costs money.  Unfortunately, “best practices” is a complete myth since there are literally dozens of business models, niches, and other variables that require a customised approach to generating maximum conversions for a website.  So essentially, website traffic analysis and heat mapping are required to avoid expensive guess work.  But specifically, a conversion rate expert employs web traffic analysis to:

  • Isolate Specific Conversion Problems:  When leveraged properly, web traffic and heat mapping analysis tools like Clicktale or Optimizely can hone-in on copywriting, web design, web programming, and traffic quality issues so you don’t have to “start over” which can be very expensive and time consuming.
  • Assess Strength of Current SEO, PPC, and SMM Traffic Sources:  If a website is attracting untargeted traffic that won’t convert, then even the best product or service will fail to generate online profits.  Traffic analysis helps a conversion rate expert isolate weak traffic sources and help their clients reinvest those resources in more profitable, higher quality traffic generating activities.
  • Reduce Testing and Optimisation Time to a Minimum:  A website optimisation expert cannot afford to guess when it comes to fixing an existing site.  Website traffic analysis and heat mapping tools help minimise testing and optimisation times by helping optimisation experts keep the sales tools that are working while revamping those that aren’t.


Unfortunately, most Internet Marketing experts try to avoid traffic analysis platforms like Google Analytics or heat mapping like the plague.  This is because when used properly, website traffic analysis tools can quickly reveal how poorly the SEO, SMM, PPC, or online marketing expert is performing.  Plus, most Internet Marketing “experts” are far more concerned with just “doing the work and getting paid” than in seeing how their work actually performs in the real world.  Sure, PPC experts might be happy to tell you the click-thru-rates (CTR), cost-per-click, or even the gross traffic numbers, but they probably won’t say a thing about how well their targeted keywords actually convert.  That’s quite convenient because if you knew how well their traffic actually converted, you could easily calculate the ROI for their services and see just how bad of an investment they truly are!

Concluding Thoughts

A conversion rate expert is unlike any other Internet Marketing professional you can hire.  Exclusively focused upon conversions, website optimisation experts are hired to honestly do the only job that matters:  Generating a consistent, long-term increase in website conversion rate.  And by employing state-of-the-art traffic and heat mapping analysis, conversion rate specialists isolate and fix only what is suppressing conversions thus preserving, and in most cases enhancing, your current SEO and avoiding the expense and time of a complete revamp of the site.

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